Yoga for Healing
Yoga for Healing

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A compilation of videos intended to suit your daily needs as you welcome in Yoga as a tool for connecting to your inner healing power. May you feel grounded in your body as you invite your whole being into the presence of each practice. With love, Namaste.
Extremely Gentle: Psoas and Shoulders
Thank you to Lindsey, for inspiring me to create this short practice geared toward the psoas and shoulders. It is extremely gentle, in that we stay lying down throughout the entire practice. May it provide you space for deep healing and profound love.

(17 minute video)
Gentle Restorative Practice
This gentle practice is perfect for starting your day slowly if you are finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning or as an excellent way to unwind from a busy day. There is absolutely no flow or vinyasa or down dog in this practice. No sweating and no flexibility required. Slow, careful movement as well as some poses in complete stillness...all to offer healing and restoration to your entire being.

(25 minutes)
Gentle Practice
Are you feeling tired, stressed or overworked? Are you not sleeping well?
Are you recovering from an injury? Are you getting sick often?
If so, this is the perfect practice to restore, rejuvenate and nourish both your body and mind. In this slow and gentle practice we will spend time resting in poses utilizing props and attention to breath to facilitate ease. If you do not own traditional yoga props, grab throw pillows or blankets from around your house!
I can not express enough how important these slow practices are for rehabilitating our soul, moving us into better overall health and vitality.
(35 minute video)
Beginner Practice
This video is perfect for beginners or those with only a short amount of free time.  15 minutes of a fluid yoga practice to familiarize you with the poses and build endurance. Additionally, it can help you set the habit of doing your yoga practice a few times a week or even every day! 
15 minutes a day may keep the doctor away ;)
Yoga For Everyday
This short well rounded practice is designed to fit anywhere in your day. It includes a few Half Sun Salutes, Warrior 1 and 2, Side Angle, Down Dog, Bridge and savasana. I hope this will enable you to put a yoga practice into your week with ease and consistency. Namaste.

(22 minute video)