Workspace Yoga
Workspace Yoga

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Total Duration: 26:05

Videos: 2

By request I have made two short videos that can be done in your workspace! Ease tension in your eyes, neck and shoulders with video 1. Boost your energy level and increase productivity with video 2. I encourage you to choose these practices as your new mid- day pick me place of that 3pm cake or coffee! Namaste.

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Workspace Yoga 1
By request, I have made a short practice that can be done at your desk! Ease tension away through gentle movement of the head, neck, arms and shoulders.  We don't even stand up! This sequence offers you the opportunity to take your mind off your work and nurture your eyes and body so you can finish your day strong. It's less than 15 minutes! Namaste.
Workspace Yoga 2
Another video by request for a practice that can be done at work. This sequence does incorporate standing and forward folding as well as the use of your chair, so be sure you have a comfortable space around you to execute certain moves. This is a great mid-day "pick me up" in place of that 3pm cake or coffee. Namaste.