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Beginner Package

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Are you intrigued by the idea of practicing yoga but are just not sure where to begin? This is the perfect compilation of videos to introduce you to the physical yoga practice. Clear cueing and easy to follow images will guide you safely through basic yoga poses and sequences. In no time you will be feeling familiar with the practice and find confidence both on and off the mat. The hardest step to take is the first...if you are ready, I am here for you!

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Beginner Practice
This video is perfect for beginners or those with only a short amount of free time.  15 minutes of a fluid yoga practice to familiarize you with the poses and build endurance. Additionally, it can help you set the habit of doing your yoga practice a few times a week or even every day! 
15 minutes a day may keep the doctor away ;)
Sun Salutation A- Visual Aid/Tutorial
This video is a wonderful tool for familiarizing yourself with the sequence of poses that make up what is commonly known as "Sun Salutation A".  Take a look at this tutorial which includes a visual aid to watch as I move through the salutation. Followed by some detail about each pose along with cues for coordinating your movement with the breath. I'll go through it a few times, so you can practice with me as you get the hang of it.  Next, I encourage you to jump on to the practice video in which I'll guide you through the Salutation several times. This will give you an opportunity to get into the flow of breathing, moving and meditating. You certainly do not need to memorize it as I will cue you every step of the way! Give it a try and see how great you feel!
  • Cobra Pose Tutorial

    Here you will learn specific alignment cues for a healthy backbend in Cobra Pose. Backbends are excellent for building back and core strength. As a society we are hunched over our phones, computers and steering wheels that we have neck and back pain often due to weakness. Strengthening with this pose can have tremendous benefits and help alleviate pain. Get ready to get strong!

  • Chaturanga Tutorial

    This pose is really a transition. It is often called "low push-up". That is because you move from plank and bend the elbows as if you were going to do a traditional push-up, only you do not re-straighten the arms. Instead, you either lower belly all the way to the floor OR you hover in the low push-up in order to transition into Upward Dog.

  • Upward Dog Tutorial

    There is so much to be said about this pose and even more about how to transition in and out of it. I hope this short tutorial provides you with enough basic information for you to safely practice Upward Dog. Avoid pain by only doing a few repetitions as you get familiar with the mechanics. It is wise to build strength and flexibility in Cobra pose before trying Upward Dog. A mindful practice is a careful practice! Namaste.

  • Downward Dog

    The most common pose and yet one of the most challenging to do correctly and safely. Watch this tutorial to learn the main purpose of this pose and how to work with your body to build strength and flexibility. A mindful practice is a careful practice! Namaste.

Gentle Restorative Practice
This gentle practice is perfect for starting your day slowly if you are finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning or as an excellent way to unwind from a busy day. There is absolutely no flow or vinyasa or down dog in this practice. No sweating and no flexibility required. Slow, careful movement as well as some poses in complete stillness...all to offer healing and restoration to your entire being.

(25 minutes)
Yoga For Everyday
This short well rounded practice is designed to fit anywhere in your day. It includes a few Half Sun Salutes, Warrior 1 and 2, Side Angle, Down Dog, Bridge and savasana. I hope this will enable you to put a yoga practice into your week with ease and consistency. Namaste.

(22 minute video)

Sun Salutation A- Practice
This short video provides you visual and verbal assistance by which to practice your Sun Salutations. Together we will move through the salutation 9 times. This is the perfect video to build your understanding and familiarity with "Sun Salutation A". Additionally, it is quite a cardio workout, so, get ready to get fit and toned!
Stand in your power and make it a great day!