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Short and Sweet Flow (with Cooper the dog)
Short and Sweet Flow (with Cooper the dog)
$10.00 / 30 days

I love this practice! Short and sweet just like the title says. It has a little bit of everything including a guest appearance from my trusty dog Cooper. I turn on my heated blanket before I begin so that it is ready for me when I lay down for savasana. See you on the mat! Namaste~

22 min.

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Short and Sweet Flow (with Cooper the dog)

I love this practice! Short and sweet just like the title says. It has a little bit of everything including a guest appearance from my trusty dog Cooper. I turn on my heated blanket before I begin so that it is ready for me when I lay down for savasana. See you on the mat! Namaste~

22 min.

Yoga For Everyday
This short well rounded practice is designed to fit anywhere in your day. It includes a few Half Sun Salutes, Warrior 1 and 2, Side Angle, Down Dog, Bridge and savasana. I hope this will enable you to put a yoga practice into your week with ease and consistency. Namaste.

(22 minute video)

Workspace Yoga 1
By request, I have made a short practice that can be done at your desk! Ease tension away through gentle movement of the head, neck, arms and shoulders.  We don't even stand up! This sequence offers you the opportunity to take your mind off your work and nurture your eyes and body so you can finish your day strong. It's less than 15 minutes! Namaste.
30 Minute Bliss
This practice is fantastic for freeing the shoulders and relieving yourself of stress! A playful and strong practice to move your entire body. Enjoy shoulder stretches, lunges, down dog and cobra/updog, side angle and wide leg forward fold. There are back bends and seated forward folds for deeper stretches to the spine and the hamstrings. No practice is complete without child's pose, happy baby, supine twists and savasana so you will find them here too!
Everything you need and want in 30 minutes! Namaste.
Creative and Strong

This practice is a bit out of the norm for me. It begins with a good amount of "core" work to connect you to your strength and vitality in hopes that you will carry it through the practice and out into your life. You can expect poses like Warrior 1, 2,and 3, Triangle, Half Moon, Pyramid etc. This 1 hour practice is the longest of all the videos so set some time aside and dive in! Namaste~ Rachel

(1 hour & 7 min video)

Workspace Yoga 2
Another video by request for a practice that can be done at work. This sequence does incorporate standing and forward folding as well as the use of your chair, so be sure you have a comfortable space around you to execute certain moves. This is a great mid-day "pick me up" in place of that 3pm cake or coffee. Namaste.
All about the LEGS Yoga flow

Strengthen and tone your legs with this wonderful practice! I love this one as it incorporates so many great poses to build strength and encourage flexibility for overall leg healing. You will find Lunges, Warrior 2, Triangle, Wide leg folds, Bridge and so much more packed into this 45 minute practice. I even played some background music (getting so tech savvy ;). I hope you won't mind my dog barking for a moment in the background...ah, real life yoga. Wishing you love and Namaste~

(45 min video)

Hips and Heart, Gentle Flow
In this Gentle Flow your whole body will receive benefits from the practice while we take a deeper dive into some stretches for the lower back and hips. Easing tension in the hips can lead to a clearing of emotions and a sense of lightness in the heart. You may need blocks for this practice. Thank you to Laura for inspiring me to offer this video.
From my heart to yours, Namaste.

(46 minute video)
Flow and Grow for body/mind/spirit

1 hour... This video was recorded during one of my recent live Zoom yoga classes. I hope you enjoy this fun and fluid sequence designed to connect you to the breath as an inspiration for movement. There is plenty of room to play and express yourself! You can expect to find Down Dog, Warrior poses, Dancer and even a chance to try out crow pose! As always, thanks for practicing with me. I welcome any feedback! ~Namaste

Inner Strength Vinyasa
The waters of the heart can flow freely when we accept the impermanence of all things. Join me here to move through a fluid practice to mobilize the joints, open the heart, find strength in your core and shoulders, and generate the heat of transformation. You will feel alive and happy and connected to a deep inner knowing of your true self.
Poses we will practice: Down Dog, Plank, Side Plank, Dolphin, Chaturanga, Cobra, High Lunge, Triangle, Dandasana, seated forward folds, Happy Baby, Spinal Twist and of course...Savanasana.

(36 minute video)
Extremely Gentle: Psoas and Shoulders
Thank you to Lindsey, for inspiring me to create this short practice geared toward the psoas and shoulders. It is extremely gentle, in that we stay lying down throughout the entire practice. May it provide you space for deep healing and profound love.

(17 minute video)
Stress Less, Breathe More
If you carry tension in your shoulders and need to move a bit to clear out stagnation, this sequence might be just what you are looking for! Beginning with a few stretches for the neck and shoulders, working up into the wrists and arms and then moving fluidly through a few sun salutations to cleanse and clear the stress away! A final twist and a happy baby to settle the body back into equilibrium and the mind into balance for a lovely savasana.
Keep the breathe moving during your practice and connect to that breath off the mat when life gets a little overwhelming.

(20 minute video)
Short and Strong

A practice that entices the entire body, mind and spirit as it challenges you to take on many poses and fluid flowing vinyasa. A little music is included to inspire your energy. Poses to expect: Warrior 1, 2, Side Angle, Triangle, Side Lunge, Chair and Revolved Chair. Tree pose, Bridge, Up Bow, Seated Forward Folds, Supine Twists and a sweet Savasana.


(20 minutes video)

Gentle Restorative Practice

This gentle practice is perfect for starting your day slowly if you are finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning or as an excellent way to unwind from a busy day. There is absolutely no flow or vinyasa or down dog in this practice. No sweating and no flexibility required. Slow, careful movement as well as some poses in complete stillness...all to offer healing and restoration to your entire being.


(25 minute video)

Beginner Practice
This video is perfect for beginners or those with only a short amount of free time.  15 minutes of a fluid yoga practice to familiarize you with the poses and build endurance. Additionally, it can help you set the habit of doing your yoga practice a few times a week or even every day! 
15 minutes a day may keep the doctor away ;)
Chakra Flow

The 7 main Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in different points on the spinal column, and all seven chakras are connected to various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for storing prana (life force energy). This flow is a intended to awaken the chakra energy with a fluid practice that includes goddess, triangle, reverse triangle, warrior 1 and 2, forward folds, backbends and a sweet savasana. Give it a try, see what you think and most importantly see how you FEEL!

Namaste Rachel

(40 min video)

Gentle Flow

This 1 hour practice was recorded from my live zoom Gentle Yoga class. You can expect exercises to connect you to the fluidity of the breath. Arm movements, half sun salutations, lunges, cat/cow, reclining Buddha, a few supine twists and a sweet savasana. Let me know what you think! Namaste~

(1 hour video)

If you are feeling ambitious and have a solid working knowledge of a variety of poses, jump into this practice! Together we will move through Sun Salutations, Warrior 1 and 2, Reverse Warrior, Side Angle, High Lunge, Revolved High lunge, Triangle, Half Moon (one leg balance), Standing One Leg Hand-to-Big-Toe, Bridge, Up Bow (wheel), Plow, Shoulder Stand, Fish and of course Savasana.
If you are not sure of some of these ones, I encourage you to watch the video first. As always, practice with great care (less is more) especially while learning and discovering new poses. Additionally, you can skip any poses that do not feel good in your body.
Email me if you have any questions!
(20 minutes)
Gentle Practice
Are you feeling tired, stressed or overworked? Are you not sleeping well?
Are you recovering from an injury? Are you getting sick often?
If so, this is the perfect practice to restore, rejuvenate and nourish both your body and mind. In this slow and gentle practice we will spend time resting in poses utilizing props and attention to breath to facilitate ease. If you do not own traditional yoga props, grab throw pillows or blankets from around your house!
I can not express enough how important these slow practices are for rehabilitating our soul, moving us into better overall health and vitality.
(35 minute video)
All Levels Practice
Thank you, Jackie for inspiring this video practice! It utilizes the Classic Sun Salutation (take a look at that video first if you are unfamiliar with it). As well as Warrior 1 and 2, Side Angle, tree pose and a few seated forward folds to wind the energy down for a restful savasana. May this offer you a meaningful transition from your busy day into a peaceful evening and a sweet sleep.

PS: you can also do this practice ANYTIME of day ;)

(28 minute video)
Strength and Vitality
Build strength and flexibility with this powerful practice! If you ever wondered how to step your foot forward from Down Dog smoothly, this video includes exercises to familiarize you with the mechanics needed. With practice you will do so with ease in no time!
Some of the poses included: Warrior 1, 2, Side Angle, Wild Thing, Boat.

Here's to standing in your power!!

(26 minute video)
Shoulders and Hips
I had a request to put together a short practice that gives extra love to the shoulders and the hips. I think this does the trick. If you feel tight in either of those areas of your body, check this one out. Here's to unwinding and ridding the body of held tension! Namaste.

(27 minute video)
Inner Thighs and Triceps
I was asked what poses target the inner thighs and triceps, as my student was interested in strengthening these areas of her body. So, here is a practice geared toward bringing overall mindfulness in a positive way to the arms and legs. It will help to build both strength and a sense of inner centeredness.
Be sure to have a yoga block handy, as I use it quite a bit throughout the practice.

(35 minute video)
Down Dog Delight
By request, I have made a video suited for ALL LEVELS that includes a significant number of down dogs. A 30 minute practice that can be done ANY TIME OF DAY. Enjoy!

(30 minute video)
Side Stretch Sweetness
I love this practice! Stretching the side body can be so cathartic for the lower back and help you to breathe new life in to the entire body. Included is some mental alternate nostril breathing to initiate imagery of a rainbow that we will utilize throughout the practice. Classic Sun Salutations, Triangle, Wide leg fold, Side Plank and a few other gems will set you up for a sweet savasana. Give it a try, you won't regret it! Namaste.

(45 minute video)